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One of our most superlative service delivery offerings that deals with staging and management of events on behalf of our clients, specifically in the field of preparing and readying vehicles for such events.

We pride ourselves on responding quickly to our clients’ specific needs with regard to the successful preparation of show vehicles and includes attending events, such as ‘Ride & Drive’ days, where it is essential that vehicles are presented to customers in the most pristine condition possible.

As and when required, we will send a special events team, specifically skilled in this area, as well as vehicles loaded with the appropriate preparation materials, enabling us to valet all vehicles in the field and maintain your dealership’s professional standards and public persona.



Our Facility Services Division was established with the idea of implementing a completely new methodology, primed towards delivering brand new standards in service delivery, guaranteed to meet the needs and challenges of the sector.

We offer completely integrated services with a technological edge focused on clients’ needs.

Our valued offer is directed at the following sectors:

1. Communities of Neighbours and Land Administration

  • Cleaning and sanitising of communal areas, parking lots, windows, buidling fronts, canopies, walls, floors, ceilings, water reservoirs etc.
  • Corrective maintenance of buildings with respect to painting, plumbing, climate control, restoration, gardening, pools, etc.
  • Access control and auxiliary services, such as concierge or parking control.
  • Employment of specialised personnel and services.

2. Offices, Business Areas, Commercial and Entertainment Areas

  • Regular maintenance cleaning, window cleaning, facility repairs, corrective maintenance.
  • Environmental control, DDD, gardening, landscaping, marketing, as well as the shredding of documents.
  • Hiring of support and services personnel.

3. Catering and Events Companies

  • Cleaning services before, during and after events.
  • Providing personnel in kitchens and front-of-house.
  • Access control.
  • Nanny Services.
  • Hiring of support and service personnel.

4. Hospitals, Clinics and Beauty Centres

  • Cleaning according to the health regulations in common areas, offices, treatment zones as well as healing areas and theatres.
  • Window cleaning, cleaning of extraction conduits, cleaning and treating floors.
  • Corrective maintenance in all areas (climate control, plumbing, painting, carpentry, metal works etc) .

5. Industries of all sectors: cars, food, metal…

  • Punctual and aggressive cleaning and sanitising.
  • Periodic sanitising and cleaning as well as maintenance of equipment and high-traffic areas.
  • Corrective maintenance.
  • Waste management in accordance with government regulations.

6. Construction and Renovation

  • Post-construction cleaning.
  • Complementary support services.
  • Building-site access control.
  • Administrative support.

7. Hotel Services: Hotels, Apartments, Holiday Rental

  • Full-spectrum spring cleaning, covering all areas and all surfaces.
  • Cleaning, disinfecting and maintenance of pools, gardens as well as common areas.
  • Polishing and cleaning of floors.
  • Carpet cleaning, bed sets and mattresses etc.
  • Environmental Hygiene: integral supplies, control and environmental hygiene.
  • Support personnel in all areas.

8. Nautical and Nautical Rental

  • Integral hygiene, cleaning and maintenance services of boats.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of hauls, tapestries and awnings.
  • Decks, extraction conduits, water containers and fuel.

9. Schools and Learning Centres

  • Student support personnel when travelling, eating areas and playgrounds.
  • All cleaning services, corrective maintenance, DDD, gardens and pools.

10. Retirement Homes and Day/Care Facilities

  • Personnel support for client services, employment of personnel transport.
  • Cleaning and sanitising of common areas, offices, attention areas, extraction conduits and floors.
  • Corrective maintenance in all areas (climate control, plumbing, painting, carpentry, and metal works.
  • Environmental hygiene: integral supplies, environmental hygiene control, DDD and legionella control.

Offering support across our European Network.