Our Facility Services Division was established with the idea of implementing a completely new methodology, primed towards delivering brand new standards in service delivery, guaranteed to meet the needs and challenges of the sector.

We offer completely integrated services with a technological edge focused on clients’ needs.

Our valued offer is directed at the following sectors:

1. Communities of Neighbours and Land Administration

  • Cleaning and sanitising of communal areas, parking lots, windows, buidling fronts, canopies, walls, floors, ceilings, water reservoirs etc.
  • Corrective maintenance of buildings with respect to painting, plumbing, climate control, restoration, gardening, pools, etc.
  • Access control and auxiliary services, such as concierge or parking control.
  • Employment of specialised personnel and services.

2. Offices, Business Areas, Commercial and Entertainment Areas

  • Regular maintenance cleaning, window cleaning, facility repairs, corrective maintenance.
  • Environmental control, DDD, gardening, landscaping, marketing, as well as the shredding of documents.
  • Hiring of support and services personnel.

3. Catering and Events Companies

  • Cleaning services before, during and after events.
  • Providing personnel in kitchens and front-of-house.
  • Access control.
  • Nanny Services.
  • Hiring of support and service personnel.

4. Hospitals, Clinics and Beauty Centres

  • Cleaning according to the health regulations in common areas, offices, treatment zones as well as healing areas and theatres.
  • Window cleaning, cleaning of extraction conduits, cleaning and treating floors.
  • Corrective maintenance in all areas (climate control, plumbing, painting, carpentry, metal works etc) .

5. Industries of all sectors: cars, food, metal…

  • Punctual and aggressive cleaning and sanitising.
  • Periodic sanitising and cleaning as well as maintenance of equipment and high-traffic areas.
  • Corrective maintenance.
  • Waste management in accordance with government regulations.

6. Construction and Renovation

  • Post-construction cleaning.
  • Complementary support services.
  • Building-site access control.
  • Administrative support.

7. Hotel Services: Hotels, Apartments, Holiday Rental

  • Full-spectrum spring cleaning, covering all areas and all surfaces.
  • Cleaning, disinfecting and maintenance of pools, gardens as well as common areas.
  • Polishing and cleaning of floors.
  • Carpet cleaning, bed sets and mattresses etc.
  • Environmental Hygiene: integral supplies, control and environmental hygiene.
  • Support personnel in all areas.

8. Nautical and Nautical Rental

  • Integral hygiene, cleaning and maintenance services of boats.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of hauls, tapestries and awnings.
  • Decks, extraction conduits, water containers and fuel.

9. Schools and Learning Centres

  • Student support personnel when travelling, eating areas and playgrounds.
  • All cleaning services, corrective maintenance, DDD, gardens and pools.

10. Retirement Homes and Day/Care Facilities

  • Personnel support for client services, employment of personnel transport.
  • Cleaning and sanitising of common areas, offices, attention areas, extraction conduits and floors.
  • Corrective maintenance in all areas (climate control, plumbing, painting, carpentry, and metal works.
  • Environmental hygiene: integral supplies, environmental hygiene control, DDD and legionella control.

Offering support across our European Network.